Parent Information


MPAP Summer Programs students are not the only members of the NYU community.  Their parents are, too!  We understand that, to both parents and students, NYU can seem large and daunting and NYC even more so.

Basic information about the program experience for parents and families is available in the MPAP Summer 2017 Parent Handout.

We hope the information we provide here and via email to students is helpful to your students as they prepare for study at NYU.  As a parent, the best thing you can do to assist your student with preparations is to discuss the MPAP Programs with one another.  Conversations about what to expect while studying at NYU, experiencing life as a college student, and living in New York City can be immensely helpful.

We also recommend that parents and students carefully read the MPAP Summer Programs Handbook together so you are aware of the rules and regulations of the program and can discuss particular policies of interest such as academic expectations, leaving campus to explore the city, FERPA and student privacy, or overnight/weekend leaves from the program.