Campus Dining and Meal Plans


Bagels, pizza, black & white cookies, egg creams, street cart hot dogs…this city is known for some good eats, and there is no end to the variety of food you can enjoy around NYU and throughout the city.  When you are not exploring the NYC culinary arts scene, you can take advantage of your meal plan and campus dining halls.

Meal Plans
All students living on campus will be automatically given a meal plan worth 10 meals and $30 dining dollars per week.  Your meal plan will be on your NYUCard.  You can use meals at all-you-can eat and ala carte dining locations on campus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Dining dollars act like debit card cash on your NYUCard, and you use them to purchase a full meal or buy snacks, coffee, drinks, etc. as you need during the week!

All students must have at least a 10-meal/week meal plan. If you would like to sign up for a higher meal plan, or you are commuting and would like to sign up for a plan, instructions are on available online here.


Dining Locations
Multiple dining locations will be open on the NYU campus this summer, including all-you-can eat dining halls, ala carte dining halls, and cafes.  A list of dining locations and hours are on the Summer Housing website here.

We will also discuss meal plans and dining during orientation when you move-in, so if any of this is confusing, fear not! We will answer all questions when you arrive.


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