Your Residential Hall


MPAP Summer Programs students who opt to live on campus will stay at the Weinstein Residence Hall. Weinstein has a wide range of facilities. The 2nd Floor East Lounge has a big screen TV, a pool table, and it is the main space the Program Assistants (P.A.) hold events and activities. It is also often used as a study lounge. In the sub-cellar there are music practice rooms with pianos, a laundry room, and three classrooms, the largest of which is used as a study lounge when class is not going on.  The dining hall in the building will also be open during the summer for both residential and commuter students to use.

The Weinstein Residence Hall is co-ed and each room has its own bathroom. As a part of the experience of college life, students will be responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of their own spaces.  Students will also need to bring their own linens, including extra-long twin sheets, blankets, and towels.


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